Welcome to Athene Asset Management

Athene Asset Management LLC (AAM) is a Los Angeles-based investment advisor1 specializing in investment solutions for the insurance industry and was founded for the express purpose of providing a full suite of investment management services to Athene Holding and its subsidiary companies. We are value-oriented investors in corporate credit, private placement, real estate and alternative investments with over $108.8 billion2 in assets under management.

We endeavor to meet our clients’ varied objectives, such as asset liability management, income generation and risk-based capital investing, which distinguishes us from other asset managers. We have applied this approach consistently since inception, deploying capital across asset classes. We continually seek to create value through multiple economic cycles.

1. AAM is an indirect subsidiary of Apollo Capital Management, L.P. (“ACM”) and relies on ACM’s investment adviser registration with the SEC pursuant to the SEC’s Division of Investment Management staff guidance.

2. Assets under management are presented as of December 31, 2018.